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Mein Hut, der hat zwei Ecken

16 Dec

I like this guy… I’ve seen him hanging out in a car park behind the Northland Homemaker Centre as well. But this one was snapped by the lovely Miss Lee B in the back streets of Fairfield… a gypsy with a mission – warning the unwary of speed humps ahead.

Speed hump fool

Photo courtesy Lee Beaton


Dictation… not!

14 Dec

I generally steer away from snapping tags, mainly because they are the graffiti equivalent of dogs marking trees, and other landmarks, with their piss. However when I saw that someone had co-opted the otherwise hilarious dictation tag of the Summer Height’s High character Jonah Takalua, I thought it worthy of a mention – in the stupid department of course. Not only because it is an appropriation of someone else’s tag, and therefore very bad form, but because it was scrawled all over the equipment in a toddler’s play park.

For those unfamiliar with Summer Heights High, it is a mokumentary of an Australian High School following three main characters, all of which are played by the masterful Chris Lilley. The three characters are the egotistical drama teacher Mr G, the equally vain exchange student Ja’mie King and the clueless bad boy Jonah. The comedy is that cringe-worthy close to the bone character based style that seems to have come to the fore in Anglo comedy in the naughties – a style which people either love or hate.

Below is an excerpt where Jonah explains his tag and demonstrates his detention wagging strategy:

Here are the imitation tags found in the park down the road where my toddler likes to frolic.

Nice one numb-nuts

And the full effect... careful, genius at work.

More from this muppet in a future post.

Do it for the joy it brings

10 Dec

Here’s a message of hope to all those creatives feeling neglected by the fickle fancies of consumer culture. I could go on about the need to focus on process rather than product, but then I would be distracting you all from the aphoristic power of this slice of profundity captured in November 2007, on Flockhart Street, Abbotsford.

Do it for the joy it brings


Bill Posters is Innocent!

9 Dec

I have been told that there was a time when Bill Posters, that notorious scourge of public wall space, was the subject of a prosecution to wit the public responded with a free-Nelson-Mandella-like enthusiasm – riots took place outside the courthouse and when Bill was finally freed with only a $150 fine, the public responded with a PayPal driven defence fund, taking pennies from supporters all over the world . Well it was really a piece of graffiti that read “Bill Posters is Innocent” but every blog needs a little literary largesse to keep readers amused.

Any one who has walked the long mile putting up band posters or taken spray can in hand will appreciate this piece of stencilling on the side of the Terminus Hotel in Abbotsford – a sweet piece of culture jamming that will warm the heart of the anarchist in all of us.

City of Yarra – Approved Street Art Location

City of Yarra – Approved Street Art Location


Set in Concrete

7 Dec

One way of leaving your mark on the world, that doesn’t so much involve planning but good luck, is the wet concrete tag. Usually it’s just that, some cocky passerby or juvenile delinquent happens by a freshly laid slab of concrete and scrawl their initials or the perennial fav “JK 4 SD” (insert yours and your beloved’s initials).

It’s rarer to find messages, let alone rolled gold obscenities, like these I snapped in Ballantyne St., Thornbury, one sunny winters day in July 2010. A few weeks later the council had gone to the trouble of grinding the concrete down to remove the offensive words.

Steamed Gentiles

I'm unsure if this is a typo – I kind of like the idea of angry young jews taking it to the streets, but perhaps our artist, as so many do, forgot about his dictionary app on his smart phone.

Say no to vegan

I love the edginess in this one – if you've got to say no to something, it might as well be non-animal diets.

Cripples Suck!

This one definitely goes in the stupid category – still you've got to give points for some level of unique, albeit twisted, sentiment.

V.B. – Wasted Daily

6 Dec

I’m a big fan of culture jamming, especially the appropriation of logos. That’s why I was chuffed when I saw this sticker plastered on the wall next to the Commonwealth Bank ATM in High St., Thornbury. For those not acquainted with Australian beers, VB (Victoria Bitter) is the working mans bevy made famous in this wide brown land by the “I’ve got it now” commercial. As you can see below the typical VB drinker is a wife beater wearing, hard working bloke who looks forward to beer-o’clock (“comin’ on around four”) and a good piss up with his mates.

Compare and contrast the VB logo appropriated by unknown artist and social commentator… subtle, perhaps not, but definitely worthy of a chuckle.

VB logo culture jam