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Eat Your Money

12 Dec

I snapped this rather amusing piece of graffiti on the side of a wheelie bin on Herbert Street Northcote. Sound advice to those living on credit, as I’ve heard tell that plastic is a great form of roughage.

Eat Your Money



9 Dec

We have all encountered this problem. You have hung your favourite Twilight Poster on the wall only to come back home on a hot day and it’s performing some Ouroboros maneuver on the floor, and whats-his-name the vampire dude’s face is now all crinkly. Heat and gravity have struck at your tender childhood heart, to spite your flowering girlish dreams.

Spare a thought for this poor Speech Pathologist. Obviously she didn’t account for extreme sun ray action in her shopfront when writing her business plan or else this delightfully unfortunate blu-tack droop to the letter E would not have happened. But something inside me is glad it did.

Spfech Pathology