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Greeks vs Turks

24 Nov

There is a long held dislike between certain closed-minded members of the Greek and Turkish communities in Australia that was probably born in the days of Darius’ reprisal invasion for the burning of Sardis in 492BC. Outpourings of this enmity are usually confined to drive by verbiage along the lines of “Pooooftahhhh”, complete with Doppler effect, when random members of either tribe pass defiantly through each others’ strip malls.

More sophisticated insults, like those expressed here in this dual walled graffiti, captured Circa 2007 in the side streets of Fairfield, Vic., are a rarer occurrence, and therefore considered worthy of recording for posterity by the author.

NOTE: the sentiment and opinions expressed in this graffiti do not reflect the opinions of the author or publishers of this blog.

Greeks are Legends

North facing wall – Duncan Street, Fairfield


Turks R Asians

South Facing Wall – Duncan Street, Fairfield