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Random Insults Day 15 – This is so not cool!

14 Nov

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who finds playground defacement with pictures of dicks a little on the nose.

This old school comment stream was scrawled on the inside of a wooden playground train at the M Walker Playground in Cramer Street Preston.

It’s interesting to reflect that the now ubiquitous experience of commenting on people’s messages, ala Facebook Wall, has an earlier counterpart in graffiti on toilet walls & c.

Human’s have always enjoyed leaving their mark, all the way back to pre-literate hunter gatherer cultures. I imagine that there was disagreement even back then as to the appropriateness of what was etched onto the cave wall with charcoal and animal fat. Grug may have coped a bit of flack from his brethren for depicting his own spear striking the wooly mammoth first, or for drawing the mammories on his Venus or the phallus on his Horned God just a little too big.

Perhaps the fact that comment streams are everywhere may make this little exchange seem trivial (compared to the brilliant insights one can read about lunch-time fare and other literate-bowel movements on FB) but this is a slice of insight I feel needs recording, if only to make me nostalgic about the streams of toilet humour that I have seen in pub and public loos the world over.

I also like the second comment, “You right it’s gay” (sic), for its unPC condensation of the issue into a curious psychological insight. Why do some people draw dicks in public places? Purileness? Black magic? Asserting their male vigour in the face of repressed homosexuality? Or just a way to mark an onanistic accomplishment – another day, another wank (metaphorical or literal)? Oh and what’s with the date?

This is Not Cool


Random Insults Day 14 – North Side

11 Nov

I’m not sure if this is a finger from or to those north of the Yarra. Carefully sketched on a wall facing the playground in Adams Park in South Preston it certainly commands attention. Perhaps because of its ambiguity it is a piece designed to please devotees of either side of the north south Melbourne divide.

north side

Random Insults Day 9 – Fuck off yuppi skum

2 Nov

At last something a tad more amusing than our last few posts. I kicked myself for missing capturing a similar statement on Separation Street Northcote a number of years ago but when I saw this in a building site just up from the junction of High Street and Lower Plenty Road I made a special detour to capture this cheeky stencil. I’ve prattled on about gentrifucktion before, so I shan’t do so again. Instead I will let the words speak for themselves, as every self-respectingly boring song-writer is so often heard to say.

fuck off yuppie scum

Random Insults Day 1 – Aloha Cunts

25 Oct

When one goes to the Hawaiian islands one is greeted with the lovely word aloha which means both hello and goodbye. It seems fitting to begin this collection of insults and jibes with this image painted onto the Miller Street tram bridge in Preston. Aloha is a tag I see around the traps, so whether this is a defacement or an addition (the line through cunts suggests the former), makes it doubly amusing.

The Jabba the Hut like presence painted next to it also adds a nice nuance to the general vibe of this graffiti haunt.

aloha cunts closeup

aloha cunts plus Jabba