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Random Insults 17 – Run from this mouldy health hazard house

23 Nov

I was feeling a bit over these random insult posts until I came across this very funny defacement of a Run Property sign.

My family had to deal with these schmoes for a while and we found them about as effective at agency as a celibate at a swinger’s convention. Their only contact with us, or our landlord, seemed to be when they were agitating for a rent increase. Perish the thought that they should do anything like organise repairs or some such triviality. Run pride themselves on this corporate chic image, so it’s always nice to see some Texta wielding bandit do a hatchet job on their branding (cf. this one). This one is smirk-raisingly witty and made my morning after I left Missy at childcare with a heavy heart.

Defaced Run property sign – close up

Defaced Run Property Sign


Random Insults Day 4 – Defaced Run Property sign

28 Oct

Anything that takes the piss out of Real Estate agents gets my thumbs up. ‘Nuff said.

Defaced Run property sign


18 Aug

Here’s one for the tenants, renters, lessees, and other purveyors of usurious accommodation services in the great brown land of Oz.

I could only chuckle when I found this damning marker work on a telephone junction box at the railway crossing at Smith Street, Thornbury. Not that all landlords deserve this defamatory treatment. I myself have been blessed with a few stellar ones in my rental career. Perhaps landlords cop a lot of the blame from the fallout of the machinations of rabid rental property managers. Or is that merely the “I was only following market forces” excuse. Whatever the case, this one’s a sinister looking bastard.

Landlord – Smith Street railway crossing, Thornbury

Is that a bleeding heart? Perhaps he is redeemable afterall.

Landlord (detail)

Landlord (detail)

We turn homes into “assets”

24 Jan

You know you are living in sad times when you show something as guttingly insightful as this supplementary real estate slogan to someone and they simply shrug their agreement. That’s the case with property acquisition in this fair city of mine – ownership of a home, in the area of your choice, has become a privilege (don’t get me started on the leech like machinations of rental agents). That is why I was particularly chuffed when I came across this aptly and ably altered agent’s sign on my way home from the park with missy.

We turn homes into "assets"

Indeed we do.