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Bill Posters is Innocent!

9 Dec

I have been told that there was a time when Bill Posters, that notorious scourge of public wall space, was the subject of a prosecution to wit the public responded with a free-Nelson-Mandella-like enthusiasm – riots took place outside the courthouse and when Bill was finally freed with only a $150 fine, the public responded with a PayPal driven defence fund, taking pennies from supporters all over the world . Well it was really a piece of graffiti that read “Bill Posters is Innocent” but every blog needs a little literary largesse to keep readers amused.

Any one who has walked the long mile putting up band posters or taken spray can in hand will appreciate this piece of stencilling on the side of the Terminus Hotel in Abbotsford – a sweet piece of culture jamming that will warm the heart of the anarchist in all of us.

City of Yarra – Approved Street Art Location

City of Yarra – Approved Street Art Location