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Set in Concrete

7 Dec

One way of leaving your mark on the world, that doesn’t so much involve planning but good luck, is the wet concrete tag. Usually it’s just that, some cocky passerby or juvenile delinquent happens by a freshly laid slab of concrete and scrawl their initials or the perennial fav “JK 4 SD” (insert yours and your beloved’s initials).

It’s rarer to find messages, let alone rolled gold obscenities, like these I snapped in Ballantyne St., Thornbury, one sunny winters day in July 2010. A few weeks later the council had gone to the trouble of grinding the concrete down to remove the offensive words.

Steamed Gentiles

I'm unsure if this is a typo – I kind of like the idea of angry young jews taking it to the streets, but perhaps our artist, as so many do, forgot about his dictionary app on his smart phone.

Say no to vegan

I love the edginess in this one – if you've got to say no to something, it might as well be non-animal diets.

Cripples Suck!

This one definitely goes in the stupid category – still you've got to give points for some level of unique, albeit twisted, sentiment.